April 2017

We had our first real sunny beach day of the year! We went to Carlsbad State beach, which we’ve never done. It was really beautiful and very hot! Berrett was pretty easy going and sat on the blanket in the shade while the kids played in the sand. Rose and Finn stood at the waters’ edge and jumped over the water when it rolled in. They are still pretty scared of it. After every jump, Finn was cute and scooted over into place so he was standing just a few inches from Rose. He looked over at her as he did it and it was just the cutest thing ever.

This was Berrett’s first time sitting in the front of the shopping cart. He just looked so cute.

This was his face when he saw himself on my phone camera. Selfie!

Rose and I had a date after ballet


Easter was sadly a little thrown together at the last minute because the previous weeks were so busy. But I made muffins for RS and got this poster and artwork printed, so that was good.


Some pics of our quick trip to Utah

Parker and Jessica came to visit with their son Andrew over spring break. It was really fun to catch up!

Some spring break activities:


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