Jumble of moments

Berrett’s curls are to die for. And his smell after nap time. In the last couple months he has reach tons of new milestones. He turns 11 months on July 16 and I’m not quite ready for it. He crawls all over our house (the cutest, most traditional baby crawl… for a while he was pulling himself around on his belly). He can also climb to the top of our stairs in our house and it’s amazing and terrifying! He can pull himself up. He especially loves our little white kiddie piano and plays on it all the time. Music! He puts everything in his mouth and I worry about that one a lot. I have to keep my eye on him because the kids leave tiny things around all the time. He scrunches up his nose so much when he smiles big! He did it tonight when we walked in from the temple at 11 pm. He is so not sleep-trained, it’s not even funny. He wakes up a lot and ends up in bed with me all the time and I don’t get very good sleep.  When I’m breastfeeding him and look down, he catches my eye and smiles so big! It’s the most heart warming thing ever. I love sniffing his neck and kissing his ears and snuggling his hair on the back of his head. His first year of babydom has flown by and it was so wonderful.

I’m so unbelievably tired.

Last week we had a lot going on (actually, all the weeks just fly by). But this one really did. On Saturday July 1 Rose had her dance recital. She was to die for, of course.  On her actual birthday we went to Knott’s Berry Farm and had a great, hot day as a family riding all the rides. The next day we had cake–the Tanners came for dinner and some neighbors came over for cake.

Finn started singing in the car…
Tell me I’m worth it (werf it)

This girl is on fire- Rose I the car says she needs to stop drop and roll!

Rose created a game this morning where we all choose a piece of paper that has a number and a name of a song and we have to sing it. It was amazing. I saved it.

A week later… and I’m still working on this post. Tonight at dinner Rose asked me how Jesus hears all the prayers. I was totally unprepared to answer this deep question! Then she asked how are we going to know what everyone’s heart looks like in heaven? I said I think our spirits will look a little bit like our body. Then she said, “Do you think it will be like when Jesus came down and out his hands on everyone’s head?” I said, “Like when he blessed the children?” “Yes.” “Do we all have to be wearing white?” “What color would you like to wear?” “Pink.” “Me too.” Then I told her that Heavenly Father sends angels to help do his work. The Holy Ghost also is his helper. But yes, he does hear all of our prayers. Then she asked, “Do you think he heard our prayer we just said (at dinner)?” “Yes I do.”

There’s so much in her head!


I wrote all of this back in July and hoped to write about that week in detail, and I never did! So sad! But we have lots of pictures to remember it by. July and August are flying by. Berrett’s birthday is in two days. Love these kids, and I’m going to try to keep blogging to capture some of these fleeting moments!!!


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