Berrett turns 1 

The day began without any fanfare. In fact it began in the middle of the night when he was crying– he’s been upset and I think it the 4 front teeth coming down. He has his bottom two teeth, and the top right (not front tooth, but next one over. I know, it’s weird!) Berrett still ends up in my bed many nights. We did a little sleep training a few weeks back, and although he cried a bunch those nights and was leaning and leaning in the obvious direction of our room, he eventually started doing better and stayed in his bed. The last few nights have been hard and the last week or so I’ve been too tired and he’s just breastfeeding in my bed. Can’t go on like this!!! We’ll have to get back on track again, as soon as I feel like he’s not in pain.

AS I was saying, the day began early and not very sentimental-ly! It was also Rose’s first day of school, so I hopped out of bed with 3 kids at my feet/ in arms and made eggo waffles and packed Rose’s lunch and got her ready for school and myself decent for drop off.

She chose her new carousel dress! I just love her so much and love looking back on these 1st day pictures! She was pretty brave about walking in with her class- no crying at all like last year. I was more sad than she was and worried that kids would be mean or that she might not have a friend! I’m sure she’ll do fine… just my mommy heart!!

So…. I went back home and made a Texas sheet cake

And solved many a 3-year-old tantrum and tried and tried to get Berrett to nap.


Then we picked up Rose– she had a good first day– and drove to grandma’s house for swimming and dinner and to see David on his one day home from Nauvoo! Tomorrow he goes right to Utah for his masters program.

We had a delicious dinner and cake and Berrett dove into his cake, as you can see!


I love watching him eat– it’s adorable!

Now that we are back home and the kids are tucked in bed, I have a minute to think and reminisce on this wonderful year with my Berrett James. “Ber” is a mama’s boy through and through. He has filled a space in our family and his easy going nature and gummy “old man” smile makes me smile every day. Rose and Finn love him and hug him and smile when he’s around. They think he is so cute and want to carry him and give him hugs and tickle him! He loves to crawl all over the house “exploring” and eating whatever leftovers he can find under the table. He has been such a wonderful baby and so sweet! Raimo jokes that if we baby-led weaning, I’ll be breastfeeding till he’s 5. He is a big fan haha! I love him with all me heart. He is wearing size 12 month clothes and always measures bigger than my other two children. He is tall and skinny right now, and has long feet. He scrunches his nose and eyes when he does his biggest cheesy smile! He loves being with his family and loves to be part of the group. When Raimo helps him jump on the bed with the kids, he laughs and laughs and thinks it’s the best. He loves to eat strawberries cut up, baby granola bars, puffs, chicken, cheerios, bread, cheese, raisins, and most things that I make for dinner. Tonight we went out for Indian food and he just loved it! He also gets very excited lately about drinking water out of a cup–it’s pretty exciting for him. Love my baby so much! He is loved by all who know him! ❤ ❤ ❤





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