My Rosie baby

I just posted a bunch this morning, but I can’t go to bed without recording my story time with Rose tonight! She read a chapter to me from 3 different Princess Posey books, and afterward we were cuddling and she said, ” You’re my favorite in the whole world!” I said, ” You’re MY favorite in the whole world too!” And later she said, ” I just want to be with you forever. Even after I get married can I just be with you?” And I said, ” You can visit me all the time. Moms love visits!” And she said, ” I know! We can live by you!” I love her so much! And also felt a little sad because I know she will not always feel this way. But it is so sweet while it lasts. What an angel girl. Then I told her how special she is to me, how I cried happy tears when I found out I had a baby GIRL in my belly (“you did??” she said). I told her we found out with a special camera that could see her inside my belly. And I told her she was the most beautiful baby girl I have ever seen in my life. She had the most beautiful little rosey mouth and perfect nose and tiny cheeks, and small skinny feet and long skinny legs. I told her, ” You were so tiny! My smallest baby– only 6 lbs and 10 ozs and 19.5 inches (I think!). Tinier than both Finn and Berrett. And I held you ALL the time! I never wanted to put you down!” “Really?” “Really! I had no other children, and I wanted to hold you all the time! You were my first one, and so special to me.” And I told her about how she didn’t like going to sleep. I traced her face with my fingers, and showed her how I’d try to close her eyes, and they’d open again.. “just like that!” And she just stayed awake . I tucked my baby girl to bed after that. Six years old and a bundle of joy!

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