January Happenings

Tonight Rose got out of bed to show us the lower front tooth (left) that is now precariously hanging by a thread. Her lower adult teeth both grew in behind (just like mine did), but the one on the right moved forward on its own after the baby fell out. She’s also lost one top tooth and the other isn’t far behind. First grade is exciting!

I have been thinking every night that I need to write in my journal and my journals for the kids. I will just update here tonight: Finnie and I had a hot date this morning. He had been charming this last week. He chose a hot date to get a donut and buy me bubble gum at the store (this is especially sweet of him knowing that his favorite treat in the world is bubblegum, and he wanted to take me on a date to get some for my birthday). So we spent 30 minutes or so eating our donuts and shopping for a few things like milk, them he picked out a flashlight for himself and some candies for me and bubble gum (I got green, aka mint!) It is a relief to have good moments in our relationship because he has been very pro-dad and anti-mom for months… actually maybe 6 months, and it was getting old having his scream for dad whenever I tried to brush his teeth or wash his hair or read him a story. It feels like we’ve crossed that hump and I couldn’t be more glad. I am getting more kisses and smiles ☺️He also prayed at dinner and just shared all about our date… “thanks that we went on a hot date, and that we got mom green bubble gum and me a flashlight…” His prayers are like conversations and really so great every single time. Today was the funeral or President Thomas S. Monson. While watching it, Finn was gazing up at me with the biggest grin. It was heaven.

I really enjoyed the service and was also inspired for the thousandth time to be more like President Monson and “go to the rescue” to serve those who are lonely or in need, and be a servant for Jesus Christ. He was so good at hearing the promptings of the Holy Spirit, and I’m sure that the more he followed through and listened, the more the spirit spoke to him. Countless recounts were shared of people saying to him “I knew you’d come.” It was so inspiring. He was the prophet of my young adult years, from 2008-2018 (all my married years). Gordon B Hinckley was the prophet of my youth, and I remember him with such fondness. He became prophet in 1995 when I was just 8 years old. His influence on me was also tremendous. I looked back and found that there were 2 other prophets that lived during my lifetime: Howard W Hunter, who served only a year, and Ezra Taft Benson, whom I don’t really remember. I believe I remember watching President Hunter’s funeral on tv. Today during the funeral, Russell M. Nelson was the final speaker. As the longest-serving current apostle, he will be the next prophet. It was interesting to see him pick up this torch in a sense. I felt a confirmation of both of their divine callings as prophet. I thought about what these callings must mean to them, the greatness and overwhelming duty, compared to the duty I have felt in my own capacities. I thought, “I will never have that kind of job in the church, holding a huge calling in SLC- I don’t have the work ethic and the whole submission to God/sacrifice my life like they do.” But I realized I have a gift of my own that is just as valuable, and that is my deep, abiding faith which always shines through in whatever I do or whatever path I take. It is a guiding light for me and sometimes for others as well.

Finn and Rose each have a little job. Finn now sets the table, and Rose clears after dinner. It is very sweet to me that they are even willing (Rose is more on to me, and knows it’s something worth complaining about) but Finn is still pretty into it. I also ask them to clean their room (why is this the hardest chore in the world for kids?!) It always takes a great deal of scolding from me, and it’s almost more worthwhile for me to just do it. But today, despite great protestation and with much instruction, Finn made his bed for the first time. The kids are never so good at playing and getting along as when I’ve asked them to clean their room…

Rose’s best friend Savannah got to sleep over last week since her mom was going to England. The girls were giddy and beside themselves! They had an amazing time, long-time friends and BFFs. They played and played. We went to the library, had many meals and snacks, they played pretend and dress up and with toys. They played in the backyard, and let Finn tag along most of the time. When they had to sneak in to brush their teeth while Finn was sleeping, they were so thrilled to do it stealthily and in the dark! Always up for a challenge.

of rain this week which was so nice. I stayed home in jammies and snuggled up with a good book. The boys loved the rain. I mean look at them!!!! 😍

I haven't mentioned Berrett one bit. He is everywhere that I have mentioned so far, totting around, foraging for snacks under the kitchen table, playing with toys and household objects, or crying so that I will hold him. He delights us with his cute expressions and smiles. I spent the night before my birthday with him at Rady's Children's hospital because he was having some weird involuntary episodes with his little body- we have some follow up appointments, and it doesn't seem threatening right now, but it's still disconcerting because the "ticks" and movements have continued. It turned out to be a very very late night and my birthday was spent in recovery mode, trying to catch some sleep all day. I was grateful all day though for my children- nothing quite snaps you back to reality so quickly as the thought of losing one of your children, and I was happy to turn 31 with all of my happy healthy family around me. However I have a very nice dinner date coming my way so I will look forward to that!

Lastly, I have started reading a ton in the last few weeks and wanted to jot down the books I've read because I always forget what I read! …with a rating 1-5

5- Will I Ever Forget This Day by Carol Lynn Pearson (based on her real-life journal… she went to BYU and loved theater and English so duh!)

3- A Place Where the Sea Remembers by Sandra Benitez (cultural, takes place in El Salvador, introduces many new characters one by one and their life experiences so different from the U.S., lots of Spanish which is fun, kind of sad at times and poignant)

5- Pipit's Song by Alene Roberts (love story, very readable, LDS author)

5- Landline by Rainbow Rowell (loved her sense of humor- tells of a married woman's big experience that makes her rediscover her marriage and family… through an old "magic" landline phone. Very funny and cute)

5- The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kidd (more literary feel even though it's a novel because of the many themes and story lines interweaving, Southern feel, might disturb some but I enjoyed it. Lots of connections with the human heart, mother and daughter, man and wife, wife and lover, women as friends. Interesting!) She also wrote The Secret Life of Bees which I'm excited to read too

I am 50 pages into Main Street by Sinclair Lewis. It's a big book, and kind of slow going. I'm trying to stick it out. I also have Wonder by R. J. Palacio which was recommended to me and was just made into a movie. I'm enjoying novels that are funny, well-written, move along with plot or give interesting detail, and of course I always enjoy a good love story.

Also saw a movie- must be noted since it happens maybe twice a year. It was The Best Showman. I really loved it because it's a musical and they actually chose actors who can sing. My only critique is that they really pushed the modern social idea of acceptance of all kinds of people… and while that sounds nice and all, it in no way describes the circus. Barnum was a man who created a freak show- that's it. It's only a 2018 idea that all those people have inherent value and should be respected, and they were appealing to today's crowd. I found it unrealistic. But I loved the music and Zac Efron. So there. Oh and Hugh.

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