Giselle Juliette

My beautiful baby is here! She was due August 6, but came July 21 at 4:08 am. Labor was only 3 hours from the time I woke up at 1 am till her birth. We flew to the hospital and it was all very fast. She came into the world sunny side up which explained some of the extra special discomfort I was experiencing! I was actually screaming/ making a lot of noise while pushing, which was totally instinctive and spontaneous, not something I was really conscious of. It was painful and made me all the more motivated to make it end. Funny how there are similarities between my girls–Rose was turned sunny side up too, and both girls seem to like having a hand up by their cheek all the time (Rose was even born that way, and we saw Giselle’s little hand there by her cheek in the 20 week ultrasound). And like Berrett, Giselle wasn’t breathing when she was born. I pushed both of them out as fast as I possibly could because I felt so much pain. The nurse said there wasn’t a chance for their throat to clear out during delivery so they had to do it for them. Things kind of righted on their own, and I was able to hold her soon– no NICU thankfully!

Baby was 6 lb 13 oz and 19 inches. Her head seemed so very tiny! I couldn’t get over it! Her tiny features and tiny face. Her little face was a surprise to me, as all my other babies have been. It’s so surreal to finally see them for the first time and see who they are, who’s been inside me all that time. They each have their own look, though they definitely look like siblings. She is soooo sleepy and has been sleeping nonstop all week. Today I would have hit 39 weeks– she is 9 days old! Better out than in! Love her so much and feel like our family is more complete with her in it! Her siblings adore her and so do I!

Now a photo dump of he first 9 days of life! I’m obsessed!

2 days old

1 week old and a vision in yellow 🙂

RAIMO’S birthday was the 29th, just 8 days after Giselle. These summer birthdays are gonna give me a run for my money every year; July 6, July 21, July 29, and August 16. I better start saving up for next year!

I thought I was funny and put all 33 candles on RAIMO’S cake. Put out the fire!

These are beautiful days!

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