All is safely gathered in

At the end of the day, our house has a certain peace about it. Or maybe it’s that my heart feels at peace. A new baby brings a bit of heaven wherever she goes, and I think that’s got something to do with it. She is snuggled in the crook of my arm after drinking all the milk she can handle (milk drunk baby, eyelids floating up now and again) and all my wee bairns are sound asleep on their beds, and I feel happy. I know the dishes are in the washer, and the house is mostly picked up, and my outdoor string lights are still making me happy when they flick on each night and cast a romantic glow. Home. We have lived here 2 years, and the things inside our house evolve and move over time, but there is a feeling that pervades no matter what and makes it OUR home.

We had a busy day today, starting with newborn photos at 9 am. I got out of bed a little earlier today, bleary-eyed and quite hungry. Got all 6 of us (weird to say that) ready in time, and finished 3 hours later. It’s an endeavor, but so worth it to have those pictures later on. I can’t wait to see them–I know we got some beautiful shots! I promised the big kids slurpies if they did well during photos. They get excited about it, but always end up wanting gum or other things instead.

Then this afternoon Raimo aka super dad took the kids to the beach, and then to the pool at the Y afterward. Meanwhile, Giselle and I passed the freak out (hahah!) for almost 3 hours. We slept so long, the AC went into eco mode and stopped running because it sensed no one was home! I woke up in a sweat and had to crank it back down, or rather tap it back down on my iPhone app.

For dinner we went to Subway, and it was disappointing. Isn’t it always? But it was an easy outing and the kids were pleasant and Giselle slept in her car seat the whole time. My recovery has been relatively quick this fourth time around, and while I have not dealt with as much postpartum pain as I did previously, I keep realizing I’m still in recovery and need some rest. I’ll walk too far and realize I’m extremely sore, or I’ll move a new way and realize that that muscle still hurts, or I’ll sit straight down on my tailbone which still hurts. I also have that special pain in the middle of my back from breastfeeding so much (not to mention the actual “breast” pains). Again, I feel very lucky that I’m up and about so much more and feeling pretty well. Giselle and I are taking advantage of Raimo’s 6 week paternity leave, and we rest and cuddle and let dad be with the older kids.

It’s 10:45 so I really do need to get to sleep. When I feed her this late, Elle has been waking up around 2:30 or 3 and then 6 for feedings. It’s really not bad — I’m happy to get a 4 hours stretch. I think she’s adapting to “night time” sleep as opposed to daytime. I must say I’m getting pretty tired getting up at 6 because that’s an impossible time for me to fall back asleep. Hence the naps.

Also, here is the smiley face breakfast Rose made me all by herself yesterday. She has been delightful today. Being helpful, being nice to Finn and not trying to one-up him, waiting to eat her chips at Subway till he finished his sandwich like her. What a sweetie.

Also, Giselle weighed in at 6 lbs 14 oz at her second doctors visit yesterday, so she has regained her birthweight and is doing well! She is 12 days old!



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