Recent Happenings

Raimo has 6 weeks of paternity leave– it has been divine. We’re at 4 weeks and it’s going to be rough when he has to go back. There are just so many little kids, and they’re all making messes! Giselle is doing great. She still sleeps a ton… I keep waiting for the ball to drop, but it’s been lovely. She loves to sleep on our bed and in our arms. She also loves the swing though I don’t use it as much because Berrett can reach her there

I finished painting and wallpapering the girls’ room. It was a tough project! This is one piece I’m particularly proud of:

This strip on the left goes too to bottom. See that strip to the left of the window? Yeah it’s connected all the way up and down, one panel, and I had to trim it down that small just by the window. It was ridiculously hard.

I’m in love with the end product! It’s gorgeous in person, my photos don’t do it justice.

I adore getting a baby girl dressed every day and putting cute headbands on her💕

We had visitors last Saturday- Ana Maria and her kids came by and it was so fun for all our kids to be together! We have successfully created a dance partner for everyone, my girl-boy-boy-girl for her boy-girl-girl-boy! The kids had a great time together!

The next day all our cousins came over: Kari and Sarah and Mikko and Nicole’s families. It was fun to have them all over. Rose and Finn were in heaven, and they got to go have a sleepover at the hotel with their cousins.

Finn and Parker have been little buddies, and this trip Rose and Parker finally got to know each other and played really well together and even held hands!

Giselle has her first bath in her baby puj tub. She has not had many baths since being born 🤣

I painted the girls’ room the next morning, and it kinda took all day. That night we met everybody at the Spectrum and had CPK. It was a whirlwind of a weekend but so many good memories.

Back to school shopping, all done online through Nordstrom Rack this year! So easy!

Rose had her first day of school on the 15th– she had a great first day with her TWO teachers! She got to play play dough and play bubbles so she was excited! Hopefully it will be a great year. The next day was Berrett’s birthday, and I already posted all about that. We did our back to school dinner the night before school started, and we kept it verrrry simple– paper plates, no pictures or even a theme (I’d still like to think of one, but I was low on brain power). We had watermelon and kabobs. We talked about our Love at Home theme from last year. Then Raimo gave each child father’s blessings.

Today we spent the day kind of catching our breath (and I painted a bit of trim and the closet door to finish off my project). In the evening we went to the beach. To be honest, it wasn’t great because Rose and Finn really complained about it, and when we got there (Cassidy St) the tide was so high there wasn’t much beach to sit on. But we set up, and it was a beautiful day. Of course, after an hour or so the kids were running in the waves and having a great time, but the initial grumpiness really spoiled it for me. Plus Berrett is not so fun at the beach. But the water was gorgeous. And it was Giselle’s first beach day! 4 weeks old and she had fun sleeping the whole time in the Solly wrap. I didn’t even have to feed her while we were there. We got some In N Out afterward and came home, washed up and made chocolate chip cookies. We’re reading parental books right now that came recommended, and I am hoping to learn some new things and fix some things. Wish us luck!

and this one still has the sweetest, longest baby toes in all the land!


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