8-16-18 Berrett turns 2!!!

Can’t believe my baby is 2! This post is to update all things Berrett. He is so adorable!

Chick-Fil-A lunch for our Ber. He got up extremely early, as he has been lately. Like 4:30 a.m. early. Raimo had to hang with him, and I had Giselle. It was Rose’s second day of school, so we were up doing that bustle. But I sang him happy birthday when Berrett came into my room. He was not sure if he should smile or not 🙂 He was really tired, and hasn’t been eating much on top of it. We took him to lunch to try to help his sour mood. After that he finally had a nap. Look at him post-nap 💖

Whenever I hold up my phone he says, “Cheeee.” Here’s his list of words:

Mama, Dadda

car sounds

“more” sign and recently he’s been saying it too

Nana=banana, all food

Hi, bye, waves

Diddy- Finn or dad in pictures



All done

Mamen (Amen)

After he drinks, he says Ahhh

He’s also babbling a lot and making noise to communicate. He’s done some speech therapy this year, and is now doing infant education which is in-home. It was recommended by his neurologist and has been good for him to have that one-on-one time and focus on him.

Here are some things he likes to eat:

Corn on the cob, applesauce, apples, blueberries, pears, strawberries, larabars, fig bars, instant oatmeal, cream of wheat, Cheerios, yogurt, pasta with red sauces, potatoes of all kinds, French fries, waffles

Some of his favorite toys are the little remote control fire truck that makes noise and that can be pulled around the house, his train with pop-ups and music, his “cookie jar” with music and shapes that fit inside. He loves to go outside so much. He can open the back door, and he’ll go out and play in the dirt and walk all over the yard. He’ll throw the dirt up and all over his body. He makes a ton of mischief.

He loves trash cans. One of his pastimes is taking household objects and throwing them away… Tupperware, my scriptures, remotes, you name it. We thought of getting him a trash can for his birthday… no kidding. We have to check the trash before throwing it out. He can open the oven door, stand on it, and jump on it. He was interested in playing with the gas burners, but thankfully has given that up with some knob covers. He climbs up my piano to reach things. He climbs on the countertops and gives me a heart attack. He loves the new baby and is also very curious about her. He makes kissy noises when he sees her and like to give her kisses. He also gets over excited and sometimes bites her. He also likes to grab her or pinch… he is mainly curious and pretty clueless about what a baby is. I don’t think he’s malicious.

Berrett has charmed us all with his big eyes, big cheeks, and little mouth and beautiful hair. He is so handsome! I’ve loved his innocent one-year-old expressions. He is truly sweet and has a big smile. Fun fact: he has an extra tooth! It’s a baby tooth so it will fall out. I have loved these two years with him. He has been my main snuggle buddy and spent many nights in my bed. He likes to look out the windows at the top if the stairs that look out to the street– he looks out for daddy!

He has a few favorite books: Pout Pout Fish (he gives kisses right in the pages of the book when he becomes a kiss kiss fish!), Baby’s First Words picture book, The Boat Book, and Goodnight Moon.

He enjoys books a lot, though they don’t hold his attention for long so you have to be quick!

He loves to march all over the house and explore. Hes been quite temperamental lately– acting very much the toddler that he is. I love him!!!!

For his birthday dinner I made some of his favorite foods– baked potatoes and corn on the cob. He had 3 ears of corn!

He also got some presents

I don’t have a picture, but it’s on the video camera. He had Better-than-anything cake and did not blow out the candles (but he started blowing when he saw me put them on the cake because he’d had a practice run on his pancakes the day before). I think he had a nice birthday.

Here are some photos looking backward on his life:


He always did have a beautiful head of hair

I am right in the same phase of babydom right now. Berrett was such a sweet baby. He loved to cuddle and  was such a mama’s boy.


First birthday!


His spot in the bed


Love that Bear Bear!


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