More about the kids… what else matters?!

Let it be known that at one month old, Giselle woke up. (Insert sad face). On Tuesday (August 21st) we hit the one month mark.

She has seemed to be a much sleepier baby than I remember my other newborns being. Maybe it’s because she was the earliest at 2.5 weeks early. Maybe it’s just part of who she is, and if so I’m jumping for joy because I have needed a nice sleepy baby!

First day going to church was at 4 weeks. Didn’t she look so sweet?!

And today she is 5 weeks old. This is always so sad for me, having my brand new baby become not so brand new. But of course I am still enjoying her so much, and she is still oh so very tiny! She still sleeps a lot, don’t get me wrong. But I’m finally getting to a stage where she’ll need a little help falling asleep, and she will stay awake for slightly longer periods of time. I have tried to be more intentional about having her sleep in her bassinet over the last few weeks because I formed such bad habits with Berrett sleeping in our bed. While I loved and savored his snuggles, I suffered the consequences in sleep loss. She has been waking up no more than two times a night. Sometimes she’ll sleep till 3 and wake up again at 6. Sometimes we have to do a feeding around 1 if I put her to bed at 9. I have been going to bed around 10:30, and try to feed her as late as I can so I can get more sleep, but it seems she is ready for nighttime sleep after eating at 8:30 or 9. Not every night is the same, but the great thing about baby #4 is that I don’t obsess about schedules, yet have the experience and know-how to kind of get through anything. I have more perspective, I think, and am content to just enjoy it no matter what. I used to think everyone loved newborn life as much as I do, but I’m realizing it’s more of a club that only some women are part of. Some of us love it, others kind of “get through it” so they can get to the other phases that they love. I am so glad I can truly enjoy it! Maybe I will be that parent that really struggles to love pre-teen or teen years… who knows? I definitely have beef with threenagers… but doesn’t everybody? Of course it all comes with its struggles. But thankfully this has been my fastest recovery and I am feeling much more myself 5 weeks out (even 2 or 3 weeks I felt pretty well) and I am GRATEFUL because I know what it’s like to be in so much pain and feel so drained that it’s a struggle to care for the baby. I have still been taking it easy. It’s been a huge blessing to have had Raimo for 6 WEEKS of paternity leave! We never had any at all the previous two times I gave birth. It’s been nice to have time all together as a family, it’s been extremely helpful for the transition with our older kids to still have parent attention and love coming their way. We’ve really been working as a team, switching off children (though I’ve had Giselle most of the time plus a few others occasionally). I’ve tried to make intentional connections with my other kids over these weeks to make things smooth. I remember it being pretty rough each time we added a new child to the family. It just takes some adjusting as there is a little less of me to go around. Raimo is so sad to be going back to work after Labor Day in a week. And I am so sad too- I know it will be a hard week for sure. But a week after that my mother in law is coming to help so if I’m dying at least I’ll have help on the way. We have our life pretty much on a schedule though. School has started and we just kind of go through the day and … you do the best you can each day. The breastfeeding night sweats have eased up. And I’m now in this strange space where I’m trying to figure out what to wear. Breastfeeding is really limiting, and I’m also trying to squeeze back into some pretty tiny clothes, most of which I’m realizing are at least 3 years old, some more like 5 or 8 years old. I need some new everyday staples. I’m also in this place where I would normally be trying to eat healthy and smaller portions, but I am HUNgRY when I’m breastfeeding. I have to eat 3 really solid, heavy meals plus snacks to not feel light-headed and to keep that milk going. This kind of makes it impossible to be super fit, but it’s always just a phase for me until the breastfeeding is over. I don’t have much to complain about… but it just takes some getting used to.

Family theme…

As I mentioned before, we didn’t have time or brain power to come up with our family theme for the school year … at least not in time for our back to school feast. But we did think of one– actually Raimo came up with it, and I said, “Done.” So here it is

Finish the job.

I love it! We’ve been saying it already. I think it will be useful to teach our kids to see a task through to the end, whether it’s finishing homework, a chore, something at school, or anything really… just making sure to do the job well and to finish strong. Hopefully it can kind of become a family mantra. “Laitinen’s finish the job!”

Hey, we always have good intentions.

Every day Rose has been looking so stylish for school! I enjoy it so much. Come to think of it, after mentioning my own wardrobe, maybe I am living through her! I have taken a few snapshots.

Model girl. Raimo has been so good at getting up when Berrett wakes up, then making the kids breakfast and getting Rose ready. I try to schlep myself out of bed last minute to do her hair, and sometimes to get the scriptures and prayers done, and they leave by 7:50.. There are a few more school pics of her in my last post. Here is Finn joining in with the new-clothes fun.

His second year of preschool started! He says he wishes he could go to school every day, and I could actually see him doing well in Kindergarten (his birthday is February- he’s not even close to being 5.) But that means he’ll just be super ready when next year comes.

There are 10 boys and only 2 girls in his class this year! It’ll be interesting to see how it goes!

Berrett fell on the stairs and hit the railings, as evidenced by this picture. He already had a big bump on his head before it happened. He is always getting owies.

I was feeling sorry for him tonight because he was just kind of walking around upstairs while everyone else was getting ready for bed, so I put down Giselle and tried to rock him. He resisted a little bit (he feels so heavy and thick!) but he let me hold and snuggle him with his binkie and beloved blanket. And I took his hand and touched my cheek with his finger and said, “Cheek” and then had him touch his own cheek. And then put his finger on my nose and said, “Nose” and then touched his. He started giggling 🤭! It was adorable! We went through all the things… hair and ears and fingers and toes. Oh! And today I swear I heard him say, “I want yogurt.” It came out kind of gibberish, but I think the words are almost there, and that a little it of it is about to spill out. He’s gained so many new words lately.

Tonight we ate dinner in the backyard. The kids were excited. Then we went for a bike ride to the basketball court. It was perfect weather. We kept it short and sweet and headed home for bedtime.

Life is so good

First time in the Ergo 360. It is sooo comfortable. Wish I could have had it for all 4 babies!

Cute story: I told Finn I was hungry one morning while holding Giselle in bed, and he came upstairs a while later with this lovely breakfast for me… cold leftover pasta with raspberries on top! Haha it smelled so strongly of garlic. He really wanted me to eat it, and I definitely had a bite.

Seeing Christopher Robin- way too slow for our kids, but we really wanted to see a movie. We went on a school night. Who says we aren’t fun parents??

Good night!


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