Last week of September (do you remember… when it was last…)

On Monday I ran to Lindsey’s because we needed to get out! We stayed for dinner

Tuesday, Berrett was having a fit at dinner as he often does, for no reason at all, but finally ate on dad’s lap.

Happiest girl!

Wednesday a new outfit

Trouble … with a capital T, that rhymes with P and that stands for… potty?

Thursday, my baby doll fell asleep in the boppy while I was getting some things done

Thursday night I got an impromptu girls night in at Kate’s with Lindsey and Alisha– lots of fun.

Friday, I got a lot of Costco clothes in the mail and posted about my “mom haul” on Instagram. Fun times. I’m trying to buy more clothes that work in my everyday life.

Berrett snatched this car from the Tanners and he’s been rockin out ever since!

This was a busy week, and ended with Raimo going out of town over the weekend. I decided to have some fun and invited the Eastburn and Tanners over for dinner and a movie since their hubbies were out of town too.

on Saturday morning, Rose somehow managed to get Berrett out of his crib, and took care of the boys for me so I could stay in bed. It was sooo sweet. Her thoughtfulness just shines through sometimes. We spent Saturday at Grandma Joan’s house– the kids has a blast playing and swimming in the spa. Berrett was giggling and completely overjoyed in the warm water. I was feeling particularly nostalgic in her house… 31 years of memories there.

We met my parents for Baker’s then I drove my baby chicks home.

Church by myself was interesting. We’ll leave it at that.

Another busy week has begun today, October 1st. Berrett had infant education with Ben, Rose had early day, and rehearsal for Little Mermaid, and I ran some errands and we got Five Guys for dinner. In other news, I ordered that aforementioned rug!

I was really hoping for a 5×7 to put in the piano room but they only had 7×10, so we’ll see what I think when it comes!

Here’s Berrett, who woke up from a nap after only an hour, then fell back asleep

and here is angel baby Giselle, or Elle as we sometimes say.

I have a little chuckle with myself every night when I take Finn potty at 10 or 11 pm before I go to bed

He’s sooo sleepy and it’s so funny. He never remembers it.

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