A happy rainy weekend

Last night was Friday night and Rose’s Little Mermaid rehearsal was canceled, so we stayed in and watched a Halloween movie and I made homemade pizza. It was a perfect night. We watched The Nightmare Before Christmas and the kids were super excited. Rose was in the backyard wearing her roller blades when I told her the plan and she shouted, “You’re the best mommy in the world!!!” They were more than eager to shower and get in jammies.

That night we had the most wonderful rainstorm, starting with lightning and thunder, and then pouring rain. The kids were so excited, and it was so nice cozying up to the sound of the rain when the kids were in bed!

Today was Saturday. We had a slow day at home. It was still wet outside and the kids trudged the backyard in rainboots in their jammies, Raimo took them to the motorcycle shop, I took a nap in the morning (shocker), and we took the kids to play outside for about 4 hours in the afternoon to ride bikes and play and play with friends.

I think they were totally exhausted tonight because they fell asleep immediately tonight, even in sleeping bags on Rosie’s floor.

I love that we’re to this phase with Rose doing this elementary school stuff. She was also playing helicopter with the jump rope like I remember doing.

This is a little project I’ve been working on. Still haven’t found my perfect happy place, but I like the dark paint color a lot- it’s called In the Midnight Hour. I’d like to put some sconces on either side of the gold mirror. Maybe one day we’ll do away with the peacock wallpaper and just do all paint, but for now it’s very playful. Also the rug situation is going to change. Love that pinkish color, but it is a really different look from our other rug in the next room and I’m not sure I like them together.

Here’s a snippet of that. It’s wool, not shiny, and has more of a colorful southwest vibe. Hm.

A few more updates on the kids.

Thursday we had a follow-up appointment with Berrett’s neurologist. He has close to 20 words now as opposed to 2 in March. The plan is to stay on medication till January and do another EEG. That day, Finn got to go to Myles house after school. And we went out to lunch with Berrett– he was delighted.

And last week Giselle had her appointment with a cardiologist. So far it looks like good news and the hole in her heart/murmur will not be dangerous and could possibly close on its own. We have an ultrasound this Thursday to confirm this. I’ve had some moments with this (since they heard the murmur at the 1 month appointment) where fear just strikes my heart and I imagine the worst case scenarios. I just had to pull myself together and wait till we saw a doctor. The waiting game is so stressful with these kinds of things. This last year we’ve had a lot of scary things thrown our way. It certainly takes a toll. I’m so lucky and so grateful because I know many families are not so lucky. I’m reminded of that when we are sitting in waiting rooms with other babies and children and teenagers who have had similar diagnoses, but in a much worse scale and with much worse symptoms and lifelong problems. Thank the Lord my precious baby girl is okay and pray that all will be confirmed this coming week.

And a pic of Berrett falling asleep on the kitchen floor when I was trying to keep him up for Rose’s pickup at 12:50

My precious boys. I try to match them whenever they’ll let me. Here’s some purple lipstick Berrett got all over my bed. He’s a rascal!

I’m learning things about Finn. I’ve realized that “getting things” is really really important to him. I mean, he’s like all kids who whine for gum in the checkout line, but it really means a lot to him, and I don’t know if other adults get that. I think gifts are his love language. I decided to test it out. I never buy my kids toys for no reason– usually birthdays and Christmas, or as a reward… but I told him I’d buy him one car at Target. He picked Jackson Storm from Cars movie— and it hasn’t left his hands for 3 days. Unprompted he said, ” Thank you mom for buying something at the store.”

Finn says the funniest things these days. The other night he and I were sitting down to dinner alone (Raimo was picking up Rose) and we were talking about Heavenly Father. In fact, I think he had just prayed that He would help him find his Jackson Storm car that was lost. Referring to God he said, “we can’t see Him because He’s camouflaged.” Hahaha!!! It was so good.

I enjoyed Conference weekend. I wasn’t able to hear a lot but it was still great. I loved women’s conference. I am trying to break away from my social media. Rather than just doing a 10 day fast as the prophet suggested, I am trying to make a more permanent change. I just pull it up occasionally, like when the kids are in bed, and I am trying not to post so much and scroll so much. It’s a such a deep pit with so much material to get sucked into. I’m finding myself more able to focus on the kids and to feel incrementally happier. ( Although Instagram does make me happy– I like checking in to see pics of friends and family… but happy in a different way).

A cute girl in a cute bonnet! I simply adore her– she is such a blessing in my life!

A mischief making boy

And I love how Rose always RUNs to our car after school! It makes me so happy– I know she won’t always be so happy to see me as she gets older 😉May it continue for a long time!

I have some new goals post-conference. I put them in my car so I see them every day 🙂

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