Letter to Giselle


I am sitting here rocking you to sleep and wondering who you’ll be when you grow up. You have so many wonderful and exciting things ahead of you in life! I’m thinking about how one day I’ll put pigtails in your hair, how you’ll learn to ride a bike and swing on a swing, go on adventure with your friends, how one day you’ll start liking boys and go on your first date. I’m wondering what your personality will be like and what interests you’ll have. Your personality so far is just peaceful and sweet and JOY! You light up our lives with your constant big smiles and happy face! You bring peace into our home. I love being your mother– I am certainly very blessed to have been chosen to have such a sweet daughter who already radiates peace and joy. My life is filled with busywork, from the moment I get up till the moment I lay down again at night. Children are needing me constantly, especially Berrett, and you. But I have never been happier! I love my life with my children. Sometimes days will pass before I have an adult conversation, and I’m okay with it. And sometimes I do get a little stir crazy, so we go out on an adventure– just me and my wild kids! Today was Veterans Day, and Dad had to work, but that didn’t stop us. We went to the Oceanside Pier and walked out to Rubies and got French fries and shakes. You slept in my Ergo baby pack the entire time. You wore a little embroidered bonnet and a green checked dress (getting you dressed in the morning is truly an highlight!) You are my rubies and pearls. I love you so much. I love snuggling with you in my bed in the middle of the night, and I usually let you stay with me after I feed you. I will miss those cuddles and your perfect baby breath. Speaking of sleep, thank you for being such a wonderful sleeper!!! May it always be one of your gifts! I do have to go put you down in your little gold crib now and do some laundry, but I love you so much. Even for my fourth child, my love has no bounds!



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