I’m taking poetry again…

Rabbit Food

“I’m trying to quit,” she said stickily

through a bite of caramel cheesecake.

My spinach salad stuck to my palate

as I answered, “You’re not overweight.”

“But I’ll have to jog three extra miles

to burn even half of this off.

She looked so distressed, I said, “Give it a rest,”

playfully nudging my plate toward her.

How many women are still trying

to eat more romaine and iceberg?

Most charismatic are red-tip fanatics,

arugula lovers pull a close second.

Water cress, spinach, Chinese lettuce,

looseleaf, Swiss chard, radicchio, endire.

“I’ll have the Thai–dressing on the side.

Can I have extra peapods on that?”

Faithfully, we chew our cud,

knowing that salad is best.

shedding the pounds by chewing a mound

of wet leaves and veggies with zest.

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