Pardon my absence…

I’ve been on vacation. In Riverside to be exact. It was glorious. Every time, I think to myself that I am not going to come back. But then I think of Raimo and I think… yes, I love him more, so I do want to go back to my little home. But it is so nice to see my family and to wear sandals in March and to walk around outside and to put my baby girl in shorts and dresses. I flew down with Rose (always a stressful event, trying to keep her within our allotted two square feet of space with minimal crying) and two suitcases, a stroller, carseat, and bag. Whew.

I sang “All I Ask of You” with my little brother (‘little’ no longer) in his spring concert, and it was really fun to be on that stage again. I miss singing!

Rose enjoyed visiting her doting grandparents, uncles, and great-grandmas. She loves attention–will smile at anyone who will even look at her. I enjoyed stretching out in my sister’s queen bed all by myself. [Raimo and I have a double–very cozy 😉 but not so good for stretching out. ] Rose slept like a champ, which is unusual for her in a new bed. Hooray!

Our apartment is slowly but surely coming together. It is fun for me to put it all together and “play house”. I still love our place, love having two floors, love having Rose in her own room, love having all my beautiful kitchen stuff in my own kitchen cupboards to use whenever I want to. 

My stats tell me that people all over the world are reading my blog. How weird and cool. I guess I just want to say hi! Nice to meet you.

I’m working on the dating diaries. More to come!

One thought on “Pardon my absence…

  1. 1. I always think the same thing when I go on vacation without Greg–why do I have to go back? oh yeah, I'm married. 2. Congrats on having your own house again. I think about you tons.


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