Rose is one!

Rose turned one this month! We threw a party for her in Saint George with all her cousins and aunts and uncles. She got a cupcake and some new toys and pajamas and clothes. It was a fun day, and when I put her to bed that night I got a little teary. She is so special to me and I was just thinking about how I felt a year ago on the day she was born. That was such a wonderful time when she was so new and so tiny! I cannot believe that our love for her actually grew even more.

At twelve months she is 17 pounds and 29 inches. She now says hi “Aye” and bye “Aye” with a wave. It is pretty much the cutest thing ever. Along with her dancing, which happens pretty much all the time now. Whenever she hears a good beat, she starts wiggling that ribcage side to side. Nice rib isolations, we say! She even did it last night when she was laying down in my arms with a bottle as I was singing a lullaby. I thought that was funny. She also shakes her little bootie when she’s standing up holding onto something. What a groovy baby. She is still giving us the funniest, most expressive faces. We haven’t heard her say duck anymore, but she has started saying “Cah” which she seems to use for book or car anything with a K in it. She also says dada and mama but only on occasion. At least she knows what they mean. She also seems to understand a lot of what we say to her, like “Where is daddy?” or “Come here.” She talks a lot in her own language. She has started to stand by herself–she can get up and down easily, but won’t take a step on her own. She enjoys walking around with her little push toy or holding our hands. She charms everyone she makes eye contact with. Having her in my life has made me so much happier, and she has definitely made life richer. Being a mother has its challenges, but there is no question that it is worth it. I love her sweet smile and baby French kisses, I love her fuzzy head on my shoulder, I love her wiggly toes and her pointer finger.  She is such a little personality now and so much fun.

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