Rose turns 7!

Yesterday Rose turned 7! She woke up even earlier than usual at 6 am. We had lots of morning to fill, so she got showered and ready, and I let her open a present early so she could use her new colored pencils.Later we went to the library to check out some new chapter books for her and then to Old Navy to buy a new swimsuit. She ended up getting a few new swimsuits, a cover-up, and matching outfit for her and new baby sister. I spent the rest of the day getting some things ready for her party. She invited her friends Chloe and Nohea, but unfortunately Nohea couldn’t make it last minute so it was just Chloe. Chloe’s mom actually had a baby that day, so he will have the same birthday as Rose! We picked her up and had dinner: rainbow fruit and white pasta.Then we did a craft and made these magic wands. They turned out even cuter than I expected!They also did a rainbow scavenger hunt and looked all over the house finding little rainbow clues, finally finding the skittles at the end of the rainbow. We had cake and ice cream and presents of course too.She got a bunch of new summery things like a unicorn towel, goggles, and diving sticks (to go with the swimsuits) the She is suddenly seeming very old. I can’t believe how quickly these 7 years have gone. Rose is so fun and clever and has a very strong sense of making good choices. I love that she has never gotten in trouble at school and that all her primary teachers have adored her. She is becoming a really good swimmer, and loves to read (even staying up late in bed with her book light) and play with friends. We are so proud of her.

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